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FSDS owns and operates Air/Mixed Gas Diving Systems.  Diving equipment supplied for projects by FSDS are designed, built, certified, maintained and operated in accordance with International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) Guidelines and Codes of Practice for offshore diving operations. FSDS is taking delivery in Q3 2015 of it's new Classed system, built to IMCA and Russian specifications.

FSDS offers compact containerised systems providing Dive Control, Main Diver Control Panel, Twin Lock Deck Decompression Chamber, HP & LP Compressors in comprehensive machinery van, Launch and Recovery System and Diver’s Stage / Wet Bell.

Optional construction support equipment is available including bolt tensioning equipment, water jetting equipment, Broco underwater cutting equipment, grit entrenched systems, subsea dredging equipment and small work boats.

Optional Inspection equipment is available including CCTV, metrology equipment; UT & UT meters, MPI equipment
Support equipment is certified, as applicable, and maintained in accordance with our internal Planned Maintenance System, and to Internationally recognized standards.
FSDS LLP operates a Sirio ROV to support its diving operations and conduct visual inspections of wellheads, pipelines, vessel hulls and jack up legs. The ROV is capable of recording colour video footage of inspections, taking still shots, conducting CP readings and is fitted with a scanning sonar system for navigation and searching on the seabed. FSDS can supply larger ROVs with more capability should the client require.