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Marine Asset Inspection for Classification Societies

FSDS are an approved service provider for Lloyds, DNV, ABS and RMRS classed marine and offshore assets, and have extensive experience in periodic surveys, hull integrity surveys and subsequent inspection repairs and maintenance.

Our UWILD package provides inspection services that include marine support vessels and tankers, semi-submersible platforms, drillships and jack-up rigs that include both subsea and topside to complete Special Periodic Survey (SPS) requirements.

FSDS inspection personnel are qualified to internationally-recognised standards and equipped to perform preparations for inspections and rectifications on hull, tanks, legs and columns.

As a member of IMCA, FSDS operates with an uncompromising attitude towards safety and we ensure that all work is completed to our stringent HSE procedures and International Standards. We also work closely with clients before commencing work to prepare the scope of work and liaise with classification surveyors to optimise efficiency.

Our joint capability provides UWILD services such as:
Water jetting and high-pressure water or grit blasting
Close visual inspection
Video and photographic surveys
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
Magnetic Particle Testing
Eddy Current Testing
Maintenance and repair
Hull Cleaning
Welding (anode replacement, hull, braces and column repairs)
Rope Access (topside access)
Air Diving
Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) survey


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