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   For  2021 season we are open for cooperation with all diving professionals . Please register here or on our web site  www.fsds-subsea.com . After you register and create your personal account you can leave information about your qualifications, contact details and download resume. Also please indicate in the Calendar the days when you are available for working on our projects. We kindly ask you to indicate trustworthy and updated information. We appreciate if you keep your availability information updated not to miss our job openings.  In case your qualifications, experience and availability meet all our requirements an Invitation to work on a particular project will be sent to you by email and Whatsapp. Invitation will include all relevant information about a project and basic terms of the invitation and employment.


FSDS Project/Country Operations Manager

In his/her labour activities shall be governed by:
• The existing legislation of the country of operation;
• The methodological and guidance materials and recommendations covering the relevant aspects of the project/country activities;
• Employment policies and procedures, and other internal rules and regulations of the project/country;
• Orders, instructions and resolutions of the Company Director, FSDS Group’s Board of Directors and the FSDS Group Operations Manager;
• Contracts with clients requirements and procedures;
• This Job Description.
The Project/Country Operations Manager has oversight of all diving, subsea and related operations and the forward planning of projects, resources and schedules. The position is responsible for the coordination of the project/country operational resources and the interface of the activities in multiple locations for the efficient, sustainable and profitable operations. The Project/Country Operations Manager is responsible for the development and upkeep of the company infrastructure and resources.
The Project/Country Operations Manager will have project management skills including planning, scheduling and risk management. He/she will demonstrate knowledge of and a commitment to the implement of the ISO 9001 management systems.

Qualifying requirements:
The Project/Country Operations Manager shall have:
• an employment background within the oil and gas industry,
• qualification up to IMCA Diving Supervisor or Superintendent level,
• project management and/or operations management experience in internationally recognized subsea companies,
• good knowledge of IMCA HSE/SMS rules, regulations, and the FSDS Group’s policies and procedures.
• good knowledge of Occupational Health, Safety, Fire and Environment Protection rules, regulations and legislation
• computer skills,
• experience in bidding and preparing tender documents;
• ability to work under pressure,
• excellent organizational skills,
• excellent interpersonal and motivational skills,
• willingness to take on new tasks and challenges,
• willingness to spend most of his time in the country of assignment and other locations if requested by FSDS.
• good health and healthy lifestyle.

The Project/Country Operations Manager shall organise and be responsible for:
• Oversight of the operational management of designated contracts with major oil companies and offshore oil and gas engineering companies such as BP, Shell, Total, Exxon, Chevron, Saipem and their joint venture partners.
• Ensuring that the project performs to the highest level to achieve high profitability while maintaining client satisfaction, with a view to contract retention;
• Maintaining an excellent working relationship with the company’s principle clients;
• Appropriate analysis and the administration of, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, communication and liaison;
• Preparation of Project Documents eg, Diving Project Plans, Emergency Response Plans and Risk Assessments for the company’s operations.
• Ensuring compliance with key operational standards: IMCA, OGP, DMAC, AODC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and those of the company’s principle clients and their partners as defined above
• Set a personal example of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality adherence;
• In conjunction with the Group’s HSE/SMS SME, ensure full compliance of operations and documentation to IMCA and country of operation HSE standards and applicable law.
• Self-development and continuing personal development and where necessary the oversight of personnel employment and dismissal;
• Execute the responsibilities of Project/Country Operations Manager according to lawful and ethical standards, as referenced within the FSDS Group’s officially registered documents.
• Maintain contact with the Company Director and Group Operations Manager Country Equipment manager whilst off work/overseas and assist with urgent requirements.
• Work on the development of all local employees in the area of equipment maintenance and diving supervision in accordance with instructions and plans approved by the Company Director
• From time to time and as required participate in introduction of new technical and/or the establishment of new areas of operations.
• In conjunction with the Company Director and Group Operations Manager the Project/Country Operations Manager shall organise and be co-responsible for:
• Business planning;
• Distribution and channel analysis of tasks and their development;
• Allocation of duties and responsibilities of the project/company operational employees at a high level;
• Organisation of the work with the Company’s customers and partners;
• Organisation of the work on establishing external economic links and relations;
• Conclusion of contracts and agreements;
• Participate in legal proceedings for the Company’s matters.

Further, and in conjunction the Board’s development strategy, and as part of the Group’s team to drive growth, the Project/Country Operations Manager will participate in:
• Market research on target clients and activities;
• Review options of how to provide additional services to existing clients;
• Formulation of development strategy;
• New product development planning and management;
• Marketing and advertising and promotion planning and material;
• Sales organisation planning and development;
• Attend meetings with potential clients;
• The preparation of pre-qualification and tender documents.



Kazakhstan opening
FSDS Senior Equipment Technician (IMCA)


Position and Duties

Overall Scope

The post holder shall be an experienced and fully certificated IMCA workshop equipment technician, able to maintain, repair, calibrate and assure all standard components of a surface supplied air diving spread, including but not limited to dive control, deck decompressions chamber, LARS, SRP and all typical ancillaries.

He/she shall have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all relevant OGP, IMCA, US Navy and AODC dive standards and guidelines. He shall be in possession of a valid IMCA equipment technician logged record shows a minimum of 150 relevant days signed by a valid IMCA signing authority.

Shall be physically capable and willing to work offshore when required to resolve technical issues or train / supervise Company staff offshore.

Shall be willing and able to comply with all Company and Client procedures and standards, including but not limited to D&D policy, defensive Driving policy, H2S training and working requirements, safe systems of work including clients variations and requirements of same

Key responsibilities will include;

• Ensure that equipment maintenance is carried out in accordance with IMCA D018 (Code of practice for the initial and periodic examination, testing and certification of diving plant and equipment), manufacturers guidelines and FSDS company procedures.
• Onshore and offshore repair, maintenance and testing of all FSDS fixed and mobile equipment.
• Advise and assist other dive technicians and trainee workshop technicians with technical expertise as required
• Safe operation of relevant workshop and site equipment when required.
• Mobilisation and demobilisation of all relevant equipment and systems, including completion of all relevant IMCA DESIGN audits (D023, D040).
• Responsible for ensuring that all equipment is function tested, certified and secured correctly prior to dispatch
• Highlight to Caspian Regional Manager any equipment damage
• Highlight potential equipment and spares shortages in advance to ensure deadlines are met
• Take responsibility for assisting in the management and accuracy of equipment records and stock levels
• Organization and inventories of all the equipment located at the FSDS base of the assignment.
• Prepare and maintain a comprehensive asset register using the approved FSDS Dive equipment asset register which is Dive Cert, and provide regular downloads to the Company EDMS (G Drive), minimum at the last working standard working day of each month
• Review equipment returns after demobilisation and highlight instances of abuse and neglect
• Actively report any non-conformances using the Continual Improvements Systems
• Actively report undesired events, learnings and positive safety observations using the Safety Observation Cards System.
• Mentor and train FSDS personnel in the use of equipment, in maintenance methods, in assessment calibrations.
• Actively support development of trainee technicians through the full IMCA accreditation process.
• Work in close liaison and cooperation with the Regional Manager or his delegate, to provide regular updates and reporting both on historical maintenance and planned future maintenance.
• Monitor own progress and progress of the workshop team against maintenance targets, whether defined in Purchase Orders or in other management reporting systems.
• Actively promote and comply with key Company behaviours
• Maintain a safe place of work
• Any other task within capabilities as reasonably requested by the Company

Desired Qualities / Qualifications

Essential Requirements:

• HNC level in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or relevant trade or Services equivalent
• Kirby Morgan Helmet Maintenance Certificate
• Familiarisation of Diving equipment systems and maintenance
• Good IT and administrative skills, including MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook
• Good communication, interpersonal and organisational skills
• Good attention to detail
• Able to work on own initiative and as a part of a team
• Excellent attitude towards Health and Safety

Desired Requirements:

• Knowledge of Diving Industry Standards and IMCA guidelines
• Valid Offshore Medical and Offshore Survival Certification
• Full clean driving licence
• PUWER and LOLER awareness
• COSHH and Manual Handling awareness
• Task Risk Assessment Awareness
• Forklift Training for 3.5 tonnes.
• Environmental awareness

You are also welcomed to indicate your payment expectations in the comments section. 


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