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Formed in Kazakhstan in 1998, FSDS is an experienced and growing subsea services contractor to the energy market.


Our vision, simply stated, is to be a leading provider of subsea solutions to the oil and gas industry. 


Our values are well defined: 

  • to provide safe, efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients. 
  • to provide equipment and controls that is of a standard that ensures safe and efficient execution of our work scope. 
  • to provide a working environment for our personnel that is challenging and rewarding 



We aim to expand our core competencies and geographical operating areas while maintaining the quality and safety of the services we provide to our clients by building long lasting and rewarding relationships. 
Our current areas of operation are in the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Sakhalin Island were we offer services related to subsea construction, installation,  repair and maintenance of assets; installation and trenching of pipelines, cables and umbilicals; spool tie-ins; inspection and corrosion assessments; vessel husbandry; seabed dredging and excavation and remote vehicle operations. 
As an established company, FSDS has the structure and expertise to be able to deliver performance levels that meet or exceed our clients' demands.  Our senior management team combines a wealth of industry and marine experience from a rich variety of backgrounds and disciplines. 
Our goal is to earn the right to be regarded as a strategic partner by our clients, whether top-tier contractor or operators. 
We measure our success exclusively by client satisfaction.  Our strategy to achieve this is the continual development of the quality and ability of our teams, our expertise and our equipment. 
With a solid history in the industry, but with broad collective experience, the team offers the expertise, experience and network contacts necessary to ensure that our profile in the industry continues to grow.