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Quality Control – ISO 9001 - 2015

FSDS has implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Our policy is to provide a service of the highest quality that complies in all respects with the requirements of our customer.

Quality Management is a permanent feature within our company. We continually work with our employees, customers and suppliers to improve the quality of our service.

It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that procedures are followed and where necessary, improved.

FSDS periodically assess the implementation of and compliance with our Quality Management System operating procedures to assure ourselves that management processes are in place, working effectively and are continually improving.

Occupational Health and Safety Management - ISO 45001:2018

Since 2013, the FSDS has implemented a health and safety management system in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard.

Since February 2019, the company switched to the new ISO 45001: 2018 standard, which in turn improved the previously existing Health and Safety Management System

ISO 45001 enables an organization to identify Occupational health and Safety hazards, risks and opportunities to proactively manage to support worker wellness/well-being. The ISO 45001 standard calls for the organization’s management and leadership to: 

Integrate responsibility for health and safety issues as part of the organization’s overall plan.

Demonstrate engagement with employees (and where they exist employees’ representatives) to create an organizational cultural that encourages active participation of workers in the OH&S management system

Ensure the OH&S management system is integrated into an organizations business processes